Limited available Saturday slots in advance. Group and Private Lessons are available as are a few special scheduled Art Classes.


Explore the principles of art and design, composition, perspective, value, color mixing, layering and more. As students advance, they begin to build confidence and transition into creating their own style of creative, thought provoking work.

Currently limited to 8 students per session. No refunds are given. There are no credits for No Show registrants or those who cancel 30 minutes prior to class start time. VIEW ALL ACTIVE STUDIO CLASSES and CAMPS HERE
or contact us at 210-660-3838

teen-adult art class

Saturdays 12pm to 2pm

Tween –Teen Art

Ages 13 – 17 . $21 each (pre-pay 4 classes $84) ) or $26 as you go. 
Plus $47 annual registration. Schedule as you go. This class is intended for the more mature artists who can self facilitate but would like some coaching and guidance. Projects focus on drawing skills and are completed with the media of choice. As students progress through the sessions, we introduce different medium such as charcoal, pastel, watercolor, pen and ink, acrylic, collage and mixed media. Students are encouraged to bring their own references and ideas. Supplies provided (student art pictured).

Try a free video lesson here. First download prep info and sketch.

Saturdays 2:10 pm to 4:10 pm
Class start date May 15, 2021

Kid's Art

Ages 7 to 12 . $105 per month flat rate (prepaid). Or single classes $32 each. Plus $47 annual registration. 1 make up session per month.

This is not a craft class. Every week students come out and learn new skills while creating a finished art piece. These are classes where aspiring artists come to learn the foundations of art and to develop their talent. Lessons are tailored to meet each child's current level and interests to best achieve their artistic goals.

Please note, although ths class accomodates all levels, beginner and up, this class is intended for youth who are serious about learning and developing their artistic skill. Students must be able to focus on the task at hand for the length of the class. Most supplies provided.  (student art pictured)

child's art of spaceship in space

Private Group

Mini Arts Series

Ages 3 to 6 . Create your own PRIVATE group with Siblings or Friends. $145 mth ($36.25 session for first two students). Each student after the first two students: plus $42 mth ($10.50 session). You schedule the days/times - 4 sessions per mth. Rescheduled with 24 hour notice.
Plus $47 annual registration.

Children will enjoy a short story, song or play, then your little artists create related masterpieces using a wide range of art materials. Each week there is a varied selection of sensory-rich, art-themed projects. There will be projects that allow for experimentation with drawing, color theory, shape and creativity and self expression. 

digital illustration of mulitple characters

Available slots: Monday - Friday 11am - 7pm

Private Lessons

Children - Adult . $47 annual registration plus. Individuals $36.25 per 1 hour session
Second student $18, Third plus student $9 each 
3 plus students in your private group= 2.0 hr session

You schedule the days/times. (pictured: digital art © Adrian Toler). 
Art lessons for all levels. The class is dedicated to student choice of project or home school curriculum, at your own pace. (student art pictured)
• acrylic painting
• watercolor painting
• drawing with graphite 
• drawing with charcoal
• pastel drawing
• pencil rendering
• pen and ink
• mixed media
• digital Illustration
• character development
• graphic design


Founded in 2015, Family owned and operated by retired
San Antonio Fire Department EMS LT. Dwayne Toler, and his wife, visual artist Susan A. Toler. BlackBox Music & Arts is a creative space where performing and visual artists gather to learn, collaborate, celebrate and contemplate; are encouraged to reach their full potential; and are challenged to a higher standard.


PHONE: 210. 660.3838
1401 Dezarae #6
San Antonio TX 78253

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