PLEASE READ. By registering and/or enrolling in our classes, workshops etc., you agree to our terms and policies with our without a signature everytime you pay for enrollment and or registration.

IF YOU DO NOT AGREE to these Terms of Service including the agreements incorporated by reference herein, you should not access or use the Website and/or Services.

ACCEPTANCE OF POLICIES These written terms supersede any verbal agreement or error /omission on a description page. Terms may change without prior notice. Agreement is in force from the Registration Date and automatically renews monthly. Payment of class fees implies acceptance of all policies stated with or without a signature. By using the Website or by clicking to accept or agree to the Terms of Service when this option is made available to you, you accept and agree to be bound and abide by these Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy, incorporated herein by reference.

ANNUAL REGISTRATION FEE This is a family membership. This non-refundable fee is paid one time per year. Private students who miss 2 or more classes or tuition is past due 2 weeks, may be required to pay the registration fee upon returning if no notice has been given of student’s intent to take a leave of absence (see Leave of Absence). Payment must be received by the due date to ensure a place in class.

CHECKS/RETURNED CHECK FEES We accept electronic checks only. We accept debit cards, credit cards or ACH transfer. Cash is accepted on a limited basis. 

PAYMENT is due the 1st of the month and no later than the first lesson of the month. A LATE FEE will be auto added to your invoice if payment is not received by the first lesson date of the month or the 5th of the month, whichever comes first, whether or not the student is present on the first lesson of the month. 

LATE FEE A $10 late payment fee will be applied to all payments received after the first lesson of the month or the 5th of the month (whichever comes first) whether or not the student attended the first lesson of the month.- no exceptions. 

LATE PAYMENT may void certain discounts. Payment serves as verification of registration for the month, therefore student may lose their scheduled time slot if payment is not received on time. Student will not be admitted to class if payment is not received for the cycle, even if makeups are due. Lack of payment by the due date automatically removes student from enrollment. Tuition including any late fee is due in full prior to re-instatement. Please do not ignore your invoice. Notify us within 7 days of the next billing cycle, if you do not intend to continue. Simply text, email or call. No explanation required.

AUTOMATIC WITHDRAWAL. Lack of payment and lack of response from the responsible parent/guardian regarding payment, will result in automatic withdrawal and release of student’s time slot.

REINSTATEMENT IF WITHDRAWN If the student has been removed from BlackBox enrollment due to lack of payment and/or outstanding balance by the responsible party, reinstatement shall be considered and approved by instructor and the managing partner's mutual agreement. Payment in full and a new registration fee at the current rate will be required to reinstate the student(s).

YOU DECIDE TO DISCONTINUE LESSONS Should you decide to discontinue lessons for any reason, please notify the administrator (contact Deneatra at 210-748-5599) 7 days prior to next month’s billing by text, phone call, email. Simply ignoring the invoice and not showing up will result in the student’s receiving a late fee, the account being deactivated, and In extreme causes, the inability to re-enroll in future classes. There are no refunds for classes not taken.

FLAT RATE PAYMENT Private lesson student’s make the same monthly payment for a total of 48 lessons per year. Most weeks have 4 lessons, some will have 3 lessons (due to holidays and teacher vacations) and the weeks that have 5 lessons, will make up for the 3 lesson months. Should you discontinue lessons prior to the full 48 lessons, simply notify us of your intent to discontinue lessons prior to the next billing cycle and take lessons to the end of the month and any other remaining lessons. There are no monetary refunds. No exceptions.

GROUP LESSONS are defined as any session open to multiple students. Some group lessons may require a multi-month commitment as indicated in the class description. There are NO refunds or make-ups for missed group lessons unless other wise specified in writing (see makeup lessons). Make-ups will be given for Instructor cancellations when applicable. A group REQUIRES a commitment of 2 or more students per month with the understanding that additional students may be added to groups at any time. Cap number of students is determined per group per instructor.

Group Piano 
Class may begin with a minimum enrollment of one student. However, should this occur, the class will function as a private 30-minute class until a second student enrolls, at which time the class will expand to 1 hour. At any time, should the class drop back down to a single student, the class will again revert back to the 30-minute private lesson. There will be no price reductions or credits.

Group Art  and any other group class  that is structured similarly: for 1.5 to 2 hour classes – class may, on occasion, drop to an enrollment of one student. Should this occur the class will function as a private 60-minute class until a second student enrolls at which time the class will expand to 2 hours. At any time should the class drop back down to a single student the class will again revert back to the 60-minute private lesson. There will be no price reductions or credits.

LESSON TIMES regardless of amount of time per class purchased, the lesson time encompasses parent consult time. Should an instructor find it necessary to consult with the parent, the student lesson may start 5 + minutes later or end early in order to accommodate parent consultations. Adult students should be sure to address all questions related to their lesson during the scheduled lesson.

LESSON REMINDERS BlackBox or instructor may send out reminders for upcoming lessons or classes but are not obligated to do so and are not responsible for missed lessons.

TARDIES Students are expected to be on time for each lesson. Students who are late, accept the remaining time of their lesson as a lesson in full (considerations may be made on a case by case basis and at the instructors choosing). No makeup or credits for missed time will be given. Tardy instructors WILL give lesson IN FULL or offer a makeup time.

ABSENCES There are NO refunds or monetary credits for missed Lessons. As a courtesy to your instructor, please notify him/her 24 hrs in advance of any absence. 'No Shows' and 'Day of' cancellations, will be charged and are not subject to make-up lessons and no refund or credit will be given. In person students who may be absent due to inability to arrive on time due to parent working late etc., rather than cancel a lesson, students are highly encouraged to notify the instructor in advance and schedule an online lesson during the regular time slot.

BlackBox Music & Arts is NOT obligated to make-up lessons or classes due to student non-attendance, illness, vacation, etc. (case by case determinations will be made by the instructor). There are no make-ups for any group lessons/classes unless otherwise specified by the instructor. If you are aware of an upcoming conflict prior to your next session payment, you should discuss options with your instructor in advance.

Instructors have committed to and allocated their day/time to the schedule all parties agreed to for your student’s lessons, and the calendar has been blocked to reserve that spot specifically for your student. Without proper notification of absence, instructors are unable to make alternative plans and no other student can take advantage of the spot for the day. Therefore, there are no makeups scheduled when less than 24 hours notice of absence is given.

LOSS OF TIME SLOT Private students who are absent multiple times within a four week period, are subject to lose their designated time slot, and at the instructor’s discretion may be moved to a more convenient time for the instructor. Students asked to change their time slot due to absences are not entitled to a refund even if they are unable to continue.

EXCESSIVE ABSENCES Students who miss excessively may be asked to leave the program and will not be eligible to re-enroll. Refunds will not be provided in this circumstance and students forfeit their remaining classes. NOTE: 4:30pm to 5:30pm are highly desired time slots, you don't want to take a chance on losing it if you have it.

LEAVE OF ABSENCE Students taking an extended leave of absence (more than 2 lessons) must notify BlackBox manager prior to the next billing cycle to avoid paying a renewable registration fee upon return (if not past the normal renewal at the 12 month registration mark). If student wishes to HOLD A TIME SLOT, the full lesson rate will be due at the top of each month while on leave.

MAKEUP LESSONS Bad weather or rainy days do not qualify for a makeup lesson unless BlackBox cancels the class. Lessons missed due to instructor circumstances ARE always eligible for makeup. Multiple reschedules, same-day cancellations and no shows are not eligible for make-up lessons. It is the student’s/parent's responsibility to schedule make-up lessons if applicable and according to availability.
LESSON MAKEUPS RECORDED or IN PERSON  When a student misses a lesson due to illness or other reasonable issue, the instructor may choose to accommodate an in-person make up or send the student a recorded lesson (instructor’s choice), or ask them to attend a group lesson.

LESSON MAKE UPS AS COLLABORATION CLASSES Instructor may choose to give private lesson student’s make-up lessons as Group Collaboration Classes (instructor’s choice), which are scheduled monthly. Student absences must be made up within the same month the lesson is missed, or within 7 days if a lesson is missed at the end of the month. Any lessons not made up within that time frame may be forfeited and will not be refunded. Please discuss missed lessons/makeup expectations with your instructor.

Group classes that pay for 4 weeks and no lesson on the 5th week, are generally made up on 5th weeks depending on the number of students requesting a makeup. Makeups for missed lessons are not required and are at instructor discretion,

CHANGE OF SCHEDULED DAYS AND TIMES Our instructors have scheduled days and times for all their students and many have limited time slots available. A change may not be possible. Should there be no available slots for the change, there will be no refunds. However, you may switch to a different instructor to accommodate your needs if available. Please see administrator. (See CHANGE OF INSTRUCTOR)

DISMISSAL BlackBox Music & Arts reserves the right to ask any student to leave the property if he/she/they, is/are disruptive or interfere(s) with the safety of others, consistently debates or argues with instructor, is frequently absent, has overdue tuition and /or parental/guardian non-compliance with stated policies, disrespect or abuse of instructor or interference with instruction. There will be no refunds or credits if this occurs– no exceptions.

INSTRUCTORS are contractors/independent service providers. Each has a different level of expertise and education. We do our best to match you with the instructor who we believe will be best able to help you meet your specific goals. Each instructor has a full autonomy as to curriculum, teaching style, policies and when they teach their classes. However, if you are not satisfied with an instructor for any reason, please contact the administrative office and we will mediate the situation and/or offer a new instructor.

CHANGE OF INSTRUCTOR If a change in instructor is desired for any reason, please contact the administrator (Deneatra Terry at 210-748-5599). BlackBox Music & Arts reserves the right to substitute faculty in case of instructor emergency or illness or any other reason deemed necessary by BlackBox. Change of instructor for any reason does not entitle client to a refund.

SOLICITATION OF INSTRUCTORS Each instructor has signed a work for hire, non-solicitation agreement. You, the client, agree to respect this agreement and not attempt to contract directly with any instructor, whether employee or contractor hired by BlackBox Music & Arts without BlackBox consent. You agree that such solicitation will cause hardship to BlackBox and will result in the student being removed from the program and may result in your reimbursement to us by you for any lost revenue as a result of such solicitation.

SCHOOL CLOSINGS/INCLEMENT WEATHER School holidays are NOT BlackBox holidays. BlackBox Music & Arts reserves the right to make a decision to close due to inclement weather. Closing updates will be placed on the calendar page of our website, or you may call (210) 748-5599 for more information. Classes or lessons cancelled due to official closings will be rescheduled.

PHOTO/VIDEO RELEASE POLICY Photographs and video of students may be taken for BlackBox Music & Arts newsletters, website, social media, news releases and/or other promotional efforts. No compensation is provided to individuals who appear in photographs/video. Student names are never used unless parental permission per event is given to do so. For example, a student receives an award and we wish to post on social media. We would reach out and ask if you would like your child's name listed.

CHILD PICKUP To ensure your child’s safety, children must be picked up promptly after each class/lesson time. Neither instructors nor administrators are responsible for supervising children outside of instruction time. Student siblings are not allowed in the facilities or on the grounds without adult supervision. We are not a licensed childcare facility and we do not have available staff for childcare services. There will be a 10 min. grace period for pickups. If a child is not picked up within the grace period there will be a $1 per minute fee accessed and due at time of pick up.

STUDIO CONDUCT Absolutely NO chewing gum and NO food, candy or drinks are permitted in the classrooms. Please do not play, or let your child play with mirrors, or on any instruments in the facility without instructor supervision. There is no running, shouting, bullying, inappropriate language, or out of control behavior allowed in the studio. Please be respectful of others at all times. We respectfully ask that if you are waiting and have small children with you, that you be sensitive to distraction, and step outside with any crying or unruly children, especially if a lesson is being given in the main area. PLEASE, NO siblings, or friends are allowed in the practice room during student sessions.

RECITALS, BOOKS AND OTHER SUPPLIES Registration and lesson fees cover administration and instruction only and do not include recital fees, performances, books, costumes, or other supplies. Students may be responsible for the purchase of additional items OR reimbursement to instructor.

BlackBox reserves the right to adjust pricing in case of listed errors, can cancel orders and refund customers' money because of pricing errors (or for any reason).

RELEASE OF LIABILITY By registering/enrolling, as parent/guardian/student, you assume all responsibilities and waive any claim for compensation for injury incurred by your child(ren)/yourself while at BlackBox Music & Arts studio premises located at 1401 Dezarae #6, San Antonio TX 78253, or otherwise. You agree that the primary responsibility of supervising and protecting children from injury rests with you the parent/guardian or legal custodian at all times. You are never required to leave the premises while classes are in session. BlackBox has given you full and complete access to view your child either in the room and/or by video in the main waiting area, and you may enter the classroom at anytime. You voluntarily assume full responsibility as the parental/guardian responsible for your child/children at all times whether indoors our on the grounds. You agree to assume any risks of loss, property (always lock your vehicles), damage or personal injury that may be sustained by you and or student/child/participant, or property owned by you while on our property. and agree to indemnify and hold harmless BlackBox Music & Arts its agents, employees or servants, whether paid or volunteer, against any and all claims which may arise from any injury, to you, your guests and/child/person while on our property. No one is allowed on the stairs or upstairs without owner escort. We NEVER allow anyone inside the fenced pool area. The pool is off limits and not for public use.

By purchasing, accepting, or using a Gift Card, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions on behalf of yourself and all members of your household and others who purchase, accept, or use a Gift Card under your account.
Gift Cards can be replaced if lost or stolen, if the original receipt is obtained and can be verified; however, they should be treated as cash. Use of this gift card can be redeemed only at BlackBox Music & Arts LLC. Gift card cannot be exchanged for cash, check or credit.
Redeemable only for goods and services not exceeding the remaining credit balance on the card. If the card is not used for a period of 18 months, a service fee of $2 per month will be deducted from the remaining balance until depleted. Your use of this gift card constitutes acceptance of all our terms and conditions https://blackboxmusicarts.com/terms.html.


Founded in 2015, Family owned and operated by retired
San Antonio Fire Department EMS LT. Dwayne Toler, and his wife, visual artist Susan A. Toler. BlackBox Music & Arts is a creative space where performing and visual artists of all ages and skill level, gather to learn, collaborate, celebrate and contemplate; are encouraged to reach their full potential; and are challenged to a higher standard.


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