Acting, Film and Photography

Development of oral communication skills, creative problem solving, 
cooperative learning, enhanced motivation and commitment, initiative and a healthy self image are just a few benefits of artistic freedom and creativity involved in acting, photography and cinematography.

man holding camera filming a scene
Ages 9 – 16

Film Production Workshop 

January 12 through March 3, 2021
Wednesdays | TIME: 6 pm to 8 pm
8 classes - $240 plus Registration

This workshop is for actors and non-actors alike. In this session, students will have an opportunity to create a film in collaboration with one another while wearing different hats. Each student will work in roles behind the camera. From producing, directing, writing, and shooting, students will learn how to put together a film. 

Actors in front of camera with green screen
Ages 9 – 16

Acting & Movement

Jan 8th and Jan 15, 2022
Saturday | TIME: 11 pm to 3 pm
2 classes – $126 plus Registration

In this beginners workshop, actors will learn auditioning, script reading, how to incorporate movement with acting on film, where to look, stop, how to project voices. At the end of the course, students will film each other's performances.

actors in costume and makeup
Ages 8 – 14

Acting & Film

Mar 14 through Mar 18, 2022
Mon through Friday | 10 am to 2 pm
5 classes – $315 No Registration Fee!

This is a 1-week camp. Students will have a blast as they explore fun and innovative ways to complete a short film. Students will learn acting for film, auditioning for film, script reading, rehearsals, table reading, and how to build up a resume. Students will also learn the production side of filmmaking, including shooting, lighting, and directing. Additionally, every student will receive a link to their film that can be shared with family and friends.  

hands holding a camera

Ages Teens through Adults 

Photography: Capturing Moments

March 14 through March 18, 2021
Monday - Friday | TIME: 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm
5 classes - $150 – NO Registration Fee!

Students will be introduced to the fundamentals of photography using fun and innovative ways to encourage artistic freedom and creativity.

Students will learn the basic fundamentals of composition, painting with light, rule of thirds, the triangle of exposure, how to achieve cinematic images, use of natural light, lenses, uses for specific lenses and focal lengths.


Some activities may be held outdoors – weather permitting. 

Jeremiah Brite headshot

Meet the instructor: JEREMIAH BRITE Director . Writer . Producer . Editor . Cinematographer . Actor

JEREMIAH earned a Bachelor's Degree in Digital Film and Video Production from the Art Institute of San Antonio. He is an Independent filmmaker and has produced, directed and acted in various films. He has received multiple awards as a filmmaker and has extensive experience in the film industry. His film credits include editor, director, producer, writer, actor, cinematographer, sound department, camera and ectrical department, special effects, and composer.


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