No matter your age or level, our talented team of instructors can guide you through your journey to creating beautiful music.

student playing keyboard

Morning Afternoon & Evenings available
Weekdays and Weekends
Private Lessons: AGES 11 – Adults
Group: Ages 5 – Adults  (see info below)


Our gifted piano instructors, Dwayne and Christian, embrace each student with genuine care. Student success gives us great joy because we're all family here.

PIANO GROUPS – More Availability and Flexibility

Enjoy more flexibility in scheduling and makeup classes. Students can make up a missed class by attendig any group class that is taking place on a 5th week (where there is an available slot) no matter the day of the week/time or the instructor.

teaching group lessons

Rotating Group Piano

Children and Adults . Monday - Saturday
We initiated group lessons when we saw how how excited and engaged students of all ages were during our summer group programs. We have found that small groups allow students to make friends; provide a sense of accountability; offer healthy competition that encourages practicing between lessons; enforces the skills to focus and practice independently; allow students to have fun in sharing their accomplishments with peers; and develops ensemble skills.

Group Piano Days/Times

5 to 12Monday2:00 - 3:00pmDwayneInfo
5 to 10Tuesday3:30 - 4:30pmChristianInfo
5 to 10Tuesday7:00 -8:00pmChristianInfo
5 to 10Thursday4:00 - 5:00pmChristianInfo
5 to 10Friday4:30 - 5:30pmChristianInfo
5 to 12Saturday2:00 - 3:00pmDwayneInfo
8 to 14Monday5:00 - 6:00pmChristianInfo
15 to AdultMonday6:15 - 7:15pmDwayneInfo
8 to 14Wednesday4:25 - 5:25pmDwayneCLOSED
8 to 14Wednesday5:30 - 6:30pmDwayneInfo
8 to 14Thursday6:00 - 7:00pmDwayneInfo
8 to 14Friday6:00 - 7:00pmDwayneInfo
8 to 14Saturday3:15 - 4:15pmDwayneInfo
10 to 14Tuesday4:40 - 5:40pmDwayneCLOSED
15 to AdultMonday6:15 - 7:15pmDwayneInfo
15 to AdultTuesday2:00 - 3:00pmDwayneInfo
15 to AdultWednesday11:00 - 12:00pmDwayneInfo
15 to AdultSaturday10:30 - 11:30amDwaynepending

PIANO GROUP MINIMUM ENROLLMENT / REGISTRATION: Class may begin with a minimum enrollment of one student. However, should this occur, the class will function as a private 30-minute class until a second student enrolls, at which time the class will expand to 1 hour. At any time, should the class drop back down to a single student, the class will again revert back to the 30-minute private lesson. There will be no price reductions or credits. 

student learning to play violin

Tuesdays and Wednesdays available
Weekdays, Mornings, Afternoons & Evenings

Violin, Viola, Cello

From very beginner basic violin to advanced levels of various bowing techniques to more complex string changing and complicated fingering,

Gabriela will guide you through with patience and professionalism while in studio. Susana can do the same for online students for those with at least a year of experience.
Ages 3 – Adult . 1 private lesson per week
$145 mth (30 minute lessons)
$186 mth (45 minute lessons)
$240 mth (60 minute lessons)
plus annual registration $47 (per household)

recorder karate cat


Children ages 8 to 12  | Beginner | Group 
The recorder is a perfect precursor to all wind instruments. Students learn: Problem-Solving, Music Notation, Finger Coordination, Practice Skills and Aural Skills.

Lessons are engaging and fun as students gain a sense of how ensembles work and experience how to create and perform music together.

Performance for families at the end of the 9-week session.    

student learning to play guitar

Morning Afternoon & Evenings  available
Weekdays and Weekends

Guitar, Bass, Ukulele

Whether it's electric or acoustic, Wayne is highly skilled, patient and fun. He has a lifetime of experience to share. 
Ages 8 – Adult  .  1 private lesson per week
$145 mth (30 minute lessons)
$186 mth (45 minute lessons)
$240 mth (60 minute lessons)
plus annual registration $47 (per household)

students playing ukulele and recorder

Kid's Music Tapestry: K-8th

Children ages 5 to 11  Wednesdays 2pm to 3pm
1x per week for 4 weeks (month to month billing)

Students participate in various aspects of the expressive quality of music through participation in singing, moving, playing instruments, listening, and/or creating. The goal of this music program is for each student to experience a wide range of musical literacy, musicianship, creativity, and aesthetic sensitivity.

Throughout the course, students will explore natural and age-appropriate elements of music and develop understanding through sequenced skill development in listening, performing, and reading music.

Inquiry Form: Help us determine another good day/time and age group by completing the inquiry form

student learning to play saxophone

Afternoons & Evenings  available

Saxophone and other
Single Reed instruments

As a Composer and Performance Artist Rene has helped absolute beginners and pros up their saxophone game.
Ages 10- Adult . 1 private lesson per week
$145 mth (30 minute lessons)
$186 mth (45 minute lessons)
$240 mth (60 minute lessons)
plus annual registration $47 (per household)
(your own instrument is required for trial)

photo of gold drums


Drumming Foundations

Ages 8 and up (sorry there is no trial class)
4 week Sessions
This class is intended as an introductory class for beginner students. It is designed to be motivational and to provide real progress for students. Drummers learn the basics of drumming, including: beats and fills; musical styles; special playing tips and techniques; music notation; basic song structure and more.

Session 1: Getting Started, Practicing & Grips
Session 2: Notation, Grips and Vocabulary
Session 3: Technique, Applying Freedom and Musical Styles
Final Sessions: Let’s practice together; Playing to Music; How to play in a Band or Jam Session


Founded in 2015, Family owned and operated by retired
San Antonio Fire Department EMS LT. Dwayne Toler, and his wife, visual artist Susan A. Toler. BlackBox Music & Arts is a creative space where performing and visual artists gather to learn, collaborate, celebrate and contemplate; are encouraged to reach their full potential; and are challenged to a higher standard.


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