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At BlackBox Music & Arts, we'll help you to maximize your potential. We want you to enjoy a lifetime of song with a strong and confident voice you can develop through the use of proper technique. Our professional coaches will challenge you to meet the industry standard of quality and you're sure to have fun doing it. 
R&B/Soul, Gospel, Pop, Hip Hop/Rap, Pop, Jazz, Blues, Rock and more.

Become a more skilled, versatile and adaptive singer. Ever dreamed of learning to sing or to improve on the gift you already have? Through BlackBox Vocal coaching you will learn proper posture and breathing control to get the most out of your voice;  ear training for proper pitch and intonation; how to use your voice for expression and emotion in a song by using the right dynamics. Students will improve vocal range, tone, clarity, volume, and build stamina. Additionally, you will gain control, increase stamina, build confidence and find your own voice.


PRIVATE LESSONS: Children, Teens and Adults

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Anyone who loves to sing will benefit from our group vocal classes as you explore the various ways you can develop as a vocalist. Singers learn how to properly warm up, use a microphone to harness their full power, add harmonies and vocal effects to sound like the pros, and recordings to analyze and perfect your technique.


GROUP Vocal Training -- Coed Children, Teen and Adult Classes

No classes scheduled at this time
Beginners Vocal Master Class with Claridy
Objective: Become a better, stronger singer

• boot camp training

• vocal technique

• vocal performance

• become a "smarter" singer

• unique ways to use your voice through use of proper techniques

  - correct posture, diaphragmatic breathing, and tongue placement

• enhance your stage presence

• how to use a microphone to benefit you the most.

• How to productively critique others and gain real insight and benefits by

   applying the techniques critiques you receive.

Get ready to take it to the next level! LIMITED to 10 students


INTRO TO MUSIC CLASS (Children ages 5 – 8)
 This class was created for the young singer who loves music, wants to sing, yet may not be ready for the intensity of private voice lessons and solo performance. This class will be structured like a lesson, however it will have a few more students so they feel more comfortable and will feel less intense. Classes are small and students can still receive some individual attention and basic technique while singing songs together. See Calendar for schedule The cost is $240 ($20 per class), per student for a 12-week session This class will perform a Recital at the end of each 12-week session • This class serves as an excellent introduction to the dedication and work required for any young student interested in singing. Students need to commit to the weekly class for a semester (12 weeks) at a time so that they can perform together at the end of the session. Students depend on each other. Students can take this prep class for as long as they want until they reach 9 years old.
PRIVATE VOICE STUDENTS! Call to Schedule - (Ages 8 through Adult) 30 Min. FREE EVALUATION LESSON (one per student) Whether you're interested in music or voice lessons, sign up for a half hour lesson and meet with the director and an instructor to receive feedback and discuss your goals, expectations and schedule. Cancellations with less than 24 hr. notice may reschedule with a $15 fee. Fee will be applied to tuition if the student registers. Contact the studio at 210-660-3838 and we'll set up a day and time for you.

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Coach Claridy's students have found success in competitions that include American Idol, X Factor, and The Voice.

No classes scheduled at this time.

Vocal Prep Workshop with Claridy

Coach Claridy's students have found success in competitions that include American Idol, X Factor, and The Voice.


Ages: Ages 13 through Adult

5 Session Objective: Prep NOW!  Mock Auditions for Vocal Competitions with feedback from guest panels of industry insiders. Whether you intend to audition or not, learn the techniques and skills required to help in your journey to the next level.

Sessions 1- 4: Vocal Prep

Session 5: Public Performance & Review

REGISTRATION FEE: $45 non-refundable Registration Fee. By enrolling you agree to our terms.