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Annual Registration Fee:  $45 family membership. This non-refundable fee is paid one time per year no matter how many classes family members take with us. Private students who miss 2 or more months of classes may be required to pay the registration fee upon returning if no notice has been given of student intent to take a leave of absence (see Leave of Absence). Payment and a signed Terms/Policy form must be received to ensure a place in class.




All checks are to be made payable to BlackBox Music & Arts. Returned checks will incur a $35 return fee due prior to your lesson.




A 3% Fee is Applied To all Studio Sales. All Advertised and posted prices are Cash Discount Prices (unless otherwise noted).




As an incentive for our customers, we now provide a discount to pay with cash or in-store gift card by giving a 3% immediate discount on the service charge. All prices advertised or marked are cash only prices. PAY BY CASH AND SAVE! (Cash is defined as: Check, Money Orders, Electronic Bank Transfers)




PAYMENT is due in full prior the first of the month of each billing cycle and/or prior to receiving the first scheduled lesson of the month whichever comes first, whether or not the students attends the first lesson. There is a 4 lesson commitment per month. If student intends to continue lessons the following session, payment must be made prior to the next lesson. Payments received after the first lesson of the following session will be accessed a $10 late fee due before lessons resume. There are NO refunds or credits for missed Lessons. It is the student’s responsibility to schedule make-up lessons if applicable and according to availability (please see Tardy/Makeup lessons).




Private and group lesson payments and attendance terms may vary as per instructor requirements and class descriptions. Unless otherwise specified, general terms apply.




GROUP is defined as any session involving two or more students. Some group lessons may require a multi-month commitment as indicated in the class description. There are NO refunds for missed Group lessons (see makeup lessons). No discounts apply to group rates. Make-ups will be given for Instructor cancellations when applicable. A group REQUIRES a commitment of 2 or more students per month with the understanding that additional students may be added to groups at any time. Cap number of students is up to the instructor.




Choreography and music mixes are intended for use/performance at the contracted event only. Choreography and mix rights belong in full to the dance instructor providing the lesson(s) and shall not be taught, reproduced, distributed or sold to any other party for any reason without prior written consent from the instructor. Each dancer (or parent/guardian) is required to sign a liability release prior to participation.




Whether a student is taking a half hour or a full hour class, lesson time encompasses parent consult time. Should an instructor find it necessary to consult with the parent, the student lesson may start 5 to 10 minutes later or end early in order to accommodate parent consultations. Adult students should be sure to address all questions related to their lesson during the scheduled lesson. BlackBox may send out reminders for upcoming private lessons but is not obligated to do so. BlackBox is not responsible or obligated to remind students of upcoming lessons or classes.




Students are expected to be on time for each lesson. Students who are late accept the remaining time of their lesson as a lesson in full. No makeup or credits for missed time will be given. Tardy instructors will either give lesson in full or offer a makeup time.




As a courtesy to your instructor, please notify him/her 24 hrs in advance of any absence. ‘No Shows’ and ‘Day of’ cancellations will be charged and are not subject to make-up lessons and no refund or credit will be given. BlackBox Music & Arts is not obligated to make-up lessons or classes due to student non-attendance, illness, vacation, etc. There are no required make-ups for any group lessons/classes other than those cancelled by the instructor. If you are aware of an upcoming conflict prior to your next session payment, please notify your instructor in advance.


Private students who are absent 2 times within a four week period, will be subject to lose their designated time slot, and at the instructor’s discretion may be moved to a more convenient time for the instructor. Students asked to change their time slot due to absences are not entitled to a refund even if they are unable to continue. Students who miss excessively, including those who have pre-paid several months in advance, may be asked to leave the program and will not be eligible to re-enroll. Refunds will not be provided in this circumstance and students forfeit their remaining classes. At manager discretion: student may take classes as Group or Master Classes or take dance or art classes. Merchandise may not be purchased with remaining funds.




Students taking an extended leave of absence (3 or more weeks) must notify BlackBox prior to the next billing cycle to avoid paying registration fee upon return (if not past the 12 month registration mark). If student wishes to HOLD TIME SLOT, the current lesson rate will be due at the top of each month.




BlackBox is not required to make up missed lessons. However, Individual instructors may choose to work with you according to their availability and within reason, to try and accommodate changes with ample notice. When given, make-up lessons may be as Private or Group Collaboration Classes (instructors choice), which are scheduled monthly. Lessons must be made up within 2 weeks from missed lessons. Bad weather or rainy day do not qualify for a makeup lesson unless BlackBox cancels the class. Lessons missed due to instructor circumstances are always eligible for make up. Student absences must be made up within the same billing cycle, or within 5 days if a lesson is missed at the end of the month. Any lessons not made up within that time frame shall be forfeited and will not be refunded. Please discuss missed lessons/makeup expectations with your instructor.





Our instructors have pre-agreed upon days and times for all their students and many have limited time slots available. A change may not be possible. Should there be no available slots for the change, there will be no refunds. However, you may switch to a different instructor to accommodate your needs if available.




If a change in instructor is desired for any reason, please contact Susan Toler at 210-660-3838. BlackBox Music & Arts reserves the right to substitute faculty in case of instructor emergency or illness or any other reason deemed necessary by BlackBox. Change of instructor for any reason does not entitle client to a refund.




BlackBox Music & Arts reserves the right to ask any student to leave if he or she is disruptive or interferes with the safety of others, consistently debates or argues with instructor, is frequently absent, has overdue tuition and /or parental non-compliance with stated policies, disrespect or abuse of instructor or interference with instruction. There will be no refunds or credits if this occurs.




All our instructors /contractors sign a non-solicitation agreement. You, the client, agree to respect this agreement and not attempt to contract directly with any instructors, whether employee or contractor hired by BlackBox Music and Arts without BlackBox consent. You agree that such solicitation will be harmful to BlackBox and will result in the student being removed from the program and may result in your reimbursement to us for any lost fees as a result of such solicitation.




BlackBox Music & Arts is closed during Christmas and Thanksgiving holidays. School holidays are not BlackBox holidays. BlackBox Music & Arts reserves the right to make a decision to close due to inclement weather. Closing updates will be placed on the calendar page of our website, or you may call (210) 660-3838 for more information. Classes or lessons cancelled due to official closings will be rescheduled.





Photographs and video of students may be taken for BlackBox Music & Arts publications, website, social media and/or news releases. No compensation is provided to individuals who appear in photographs/video. If you do not wish for you or your child to appear in media, please request an OPT OUT form from the front office (we must have an opt out form on file). NOTE: OPTING OUT may disqualify students from participating in some ‘external’ events, given the difficulty to remove him/her from media.




To ensure your child’s safety, children must be picked up promptly after each class /lesson time. Neither instructors nor administrators are responsible for supervising children outside of teaching time. Student siblings are not allowed in the facilities without adult supervision. We do not have available staff for child care services. There will be a 15 min. grace period for pickups. If a child is not picked up within the grace period there will be a $1 per minute fee accessed and due at time of pick up.




Absolutely no chewing gum in the facility. No food, candy or drinks are permitted in the classrooms. Please do not play, or let your child play with mirrors, or on any instruments in the facility without instructor supervision. There is no running, shouting, bullying, inappropriate language or out of control behavior allowed in the studio. Please be respectful of others at all times. We respectfully ask that if you are waiting and must have your small children with you, that you be sensitive to the distraction of excessive noise and remove any crying or unruly children from the studio, especially if a lesson is being given in the main (dance floor) area. PLEASE, No siblings, or friends are allowed in the practice room during student sessions.





Registration and lesson fees cover administration and instruction only and do not include recital fees, performances, books, costumes or other supplies. Students may be responsible for the purchase of additional items.




By registering, as parent/guardian/student, you assume all responsibilities and waive any claim for compensation for injury incurred by your child(ren)/yourself while at BlackBox Music & Arts studio premises located at 10038 Potranco Rd. #105, San Antonio TX 78251, or otherwise in the care of BlackBox staff. You agree and voluntarily assume full responsibility for any risks of loss, property, damage or personal injury, including death, that may be sustained by you and/or student/child/participant, or any damage to property owned by you as a result of participation in this program/activity, whether caused by your own negligence or the negligence of the releasees or otherwise, and hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless BlackBox Music & Arts its agents, employees or servants, whether paid or volunteer, against any and all claims which may arise from any injury to said child/person while participating in this program.




These written terms supersede any verbal agreement. Terms may change without prior notice. Agreement is in force from the Registration Date. Payment of class fees implies acceptance of all policies stated with or without a signature.






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