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Welcome to the versatile world of BlackBox Music & Arts, where you can master the music you love and choose your path to becoming the musician you dream of being. You can take the traditional path of theory and reading music and learn to play songs as they progress in complexity. On the other hand, we realize that not everyone has the desire to follow the traditional path. So feel free to skip the theory and jump right into learning the chords needed to play your favorite songs by ear. • piano • keyboard • saxophone • guitar • bass • violin • various wind instruments
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INSTRUMENTAL From the basics to the advanced we offer music lessons at all skill levels, in many genres of music. Includes a balance of theory, improvisation, technique and repertoire appropriate to the student's level and ability. Learn to play piano, guitar, wind, strings and some percussion.


PRIVATE LESSONS: Children, Teens & Adults


• PIANO - (group rate available)

• SAXOPHONE - other Single Reed

    Wind Instruments

• GUITAR- (group rate available)







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GROUP Beginner Guitar Lessons -- Coed Youth, Teen, Adult & Senior Classes

Have you always wanted to learn how to play the guitar? Group classes are an affordable and fun way to begin your

journey to building a solid foundation for mastering the guitar.  Grab a friend or relative, along with your acoustic or electric guitar along and join us in a no pressure, fun, friendly environment where you will learn fundamentals of music, including chords and music theory that will help you to understand how a song works.   (Ages 8 and up).


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FREE Trial/Evaluation Lesson! Students interested in Music or Voice lessons may schedule a free evaluation lesson at which time you may discuss with the instructor your goals and expectations and the instructor will offer feedback. Cancellations with less than 24 hr. notice may reschedule a trial with a $15 fee. Fee will be applied to tuition if the student registers. Contact the studio at 210-660-3838 and we'll set up a day and time for you.