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Marvelous Entertainment Presents “Inside The Comedy”, a Unique Comedy Series. One Saturday a Month. Featuring Guest comedians and hosted by A D Snipes. Limited seating is available for $20 with reservation and at least one canned good per guest. Water, soda tea and variety of chips available at the show or bring your own beverage.

                                            For reservations call 210-758-4989


A.D. Snipes is able to offer a complete, structure-based approach to learning to write and perform stand-up comedy, as well as a number of selective programs with which to enhance your budding career or seek out related fields within the comedy industry. It is my ultimate goal to create an encouraging environment where comedians of all levels can feel comfortable in pursuing their comedic goals, and to provide a “sounding board” for comics to take risks in their own personal growth.


What do I do to get started?     

A D Snipes essentials stand up comedy classes consist of four levels of stand-up comedy concentration:

Stand Up Level D: Phase I

Stand Up Level C: Intermediate

Stand Up Level B: Phase III

Stand Up Level A: Professional

All students begin at Level D: Phase I. Advancement to next class is dependent upon successful completion of the previous course.



Students will learn basic structure-based approach to stand-up comedy. Topics covered in this course will include:


•  The basic joke structure elements

•  Achieving stage confidence

•  Self-identity drills

•  How to dig into your personal life for comedy resources


Aimed primarily at those with no prior stand up experience, as well as non-performers wanting to gain a basic understanding in comedic and public speaking. Upon completion of this course you will be equipped to perform on stage in front of a live audience.


Stand Up Level C: Intermediate

Students will refine the lessons learned previously in the Level D course. Intermediate topics discussed in this course include:


•  Holistic understanding of basic comedy structure, and how it is used to create surprise

•  The importance of briefness and its effect on your stand up material

•  Self-discovery of additional tag-ons to existing material

•  Patience and the power of intentional silence

•  Acknowledging your environment to stay in the moment

•  Work shopping your material


Upon completion of this course you will be equipped to perform a comedy set on stage performing in front of a live audience.


Stand Up Level B: Phase III

Students may choose from one of four different Level B classes, based on preferred areas of concentration:

Design, Originality, Presence or Assent


•  Design  classes focus on a more in-depth understanding of the design elements within standup comedy, as well as the psychological factors that often determine the success of a particular joke. Here, focus is placed on learning about building assumptions, types/styles of punch lines, using tools like segues, bridges and revelations.

•  Originality  classes focus on how to become more original in one’s performance, taking a deeper dive into your own personal truths and using that information to open the unique attributes in a comedian’s voice.

•  Presence  classes focus on becoming non-reliant on the script, how to identify your power of play and to become more comfortable at staying in the moment while utilizing your confidence in crowd work to develop conversational comedy.

•  Assent classes shift your focus from the craft of comedy towards the tools required to turn an act into a professional career, inclusive of identity branding, social media promotions, and when/how to pitch to obtain representation.


Upon completion of this course you will be equipped to deliver an enhanced performance on stage in front of a live audience.


Stand Up Level A: Professional

Classes are scheduled as needed. These classes are considered my professional program; solely intended for working professionals and select comedians with 3+ years of experience who are working on professional-level sets. For this reason, Level A classes are by invitation only. Occasionally Level A classes are scheduled with one of the two following concentrations: Enhancements and Comedy Combines (Showcases):


•  Enhancements classes focus on refinement of existing material, amending issues with design and forcing the students to stay original as well as be true to voice, also learning from occasional headliner guest speakers.


•  Comedy Combines (Showcases): classes focus on the specific needs of a showcase set (similar to a football player’s pro day), both for artist management and studio auditions, as well as the unique demands of a T.V. appearance performance set.

ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR: A.D. SNIPES Witnessing Through Laughter

The unmistakable comedy stylings of stand-up A.D. Snipes are more than simply unique. His act is truly
one-of-a-kind. Whether the Philadelphia native is ripping up the stages of concert halls around the country or slaying audiences on the comedy club scene, Snipes can see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel to comedy’s big time. After making a splash on BET’s ComicView, Snipes is steadily carving out a national following of loyal fans. Touting his own point-of-view. Snipes also pays homage to many of comedy’s legends. He has the loveably
irreverent attitude of Robin Harris the precise timing of Bernie Mac, and the urban sensibilities of Richard Pryor. Equally witty and clever as he is knee-jerk hilarious, Snipes’ shtick will make you crack up and picture what he
just said at the same time.


Awards and Accolades include:

San Antonio Comedy Bowl Winner 2001-2002

TNT Classic Rough Riders

TNT Classic Buffalo Soldiers

BET Comic View

2015 DVD Massive SH** Laugh Out Loud Comedy Club


1 x per week per level / 2 hr. classes ($250 per 6 week session) / plus $45 Registration


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PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED. We accept cash, checks and credit cards. *REGISTER: Annual Membership is required in order to sign up for classes. The fee is $45 per family. This fee is non-refundable and only paid once per year, no matter how many family members or how many classes you take with us. You will be asked to register prior to enrollment in classes. By enrolling you agree to our terms. Family discounts are 10% for each additional family member.