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YOU MAY ALSO REGISTER BY  PHONE or IN PERSON. WE ACCEPT CASH, CHECKS CREDIT CARD. Classes will be prorated during the week. Have class suggestions and preferred times. please give us a call. If you visit our site often please be sure to refresh your screen to get the latest updates.


*REGISTRATION AND REFUNDS: Annual Membership Fee is required in order to sign up for "most" classes. The Registration fee is  $45 per family. This fee is non-refundable and only paid once per year, no matter how many family members or how many classes you take with us. There are no refunds. By enrolling you agree to our terms.
Class tuition costs vary.

VOCAL LESSONS Learn proper, healthy singing techniques and more – and explore your vocal range and music reading
INSTRUMENT LESSONS Piano, Guitar, Violin & Saxophone. Proper hand position, note reading techniques, chord progressions and scales. INSTRUMENTS, THEORY All of our instrumental and vocal classes include theory.
GUITAR LESSONS Acoustic, electric and bass guitar. Learn strumming and chord playing techniques and more. Explore chord charts and progression.
STAGE PEFORMANCE Song selection, engaging the audience, timed gestures, facial expressions, presentation, and audience interaction skills. DANCE LESSONS Hip Hop, Contemporary, Chicago Steppin' Ballroom Dance

Mock Auditions for Vocal Competitions with feedback from guest panels of industry insiders. Whether you intend to audition or not, learn the techniques and skills required to help in your journey to

the next level.

MUSICAL THEATRE LESSONS ART LESSONS Students stimulate their passions for singing, acting and dancing while enhancing their ability to perform with emotions on stage. Foundations, 
intermediate technique. Children and adult.

Fun social events. Enjoy beverage of and snacks of your choice while having a great time with family and friends. Paint a masterpiece on canvas, wine glass, pottery and more.


Karaoke, Dance or Paint Party. During the party,
the guests will work with an instructor to learn a song, dance or complete a

canvas painting

SCHEDULE A PRIVATE Birthday Party/Event

Coming August 2017

Older Teens to Adult