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Introduction to Acting - Wednesdays at 7pm –  Now Enrolling


This class is designed for anyone interested in learning more about the art of acting. We will cover the basics from stage directions to script analysis. We will talk about the different elements of building a character and how to use those elements both in scene and monologue performance.


Students will have the opportunity to perform for their class in a supportive environment while learning from the instructor’s critiques and suggestions for their fellow classmates. They will be assigned one scene and/or monologue to memorize and perform in its entirety by the fourth week of class.


Activities include theatre discussion, script analysis, blocking, memorization, rehearsal, and performance.


We will address questions like:

 -“What is ‘cheating out?’”

 -“What’s the difference between stage left and house left?”

 -“How do I embody a character?”

 -“What does my character want?”


Fundamentals are crucial for all actors, no matter how long they’ve been practicing. The goal of this class is not to create a perfect piece of stage work, but rather to develop and practice the skills that go into performing on stage.



Voice and Movement  – REGISTRATION CLOSED


This class is designed to explore different elements of being seen and heard on stage. We will learn and practice multiple movement techniques in order to carve out an individual understanding of ourselves in space. We will also discover and develop the multiple facets of our voices, including, but not limited to, pitch, diction, volume, and intensity. The goal is to learn how to utilize all the muscles in our mouths and faces to speak with intention and purpose.


The best way to tap into these elements of ourselves is to PLAY. Activities include mirror work, improv games, tongue twisters, alignment practice, spacial awareness games, and much more!


We will address questions like:

 -“What is projection?”

 -“What do I do with my hands?!”

 -“How do I make that sound?”

 -“When should I move?”


The actor’s body is our tool and our instrument. The better an actor can move in the space, the more compelling their performance will be. In order to give our best on stage, in the audition room, or in rehearsal, we have to be free to speak and move with ease and confidence.


***Please dress for movement. We will be rolling around, crawling, kicking, dancing, etc.***



Audition Preparation (Group Class or Private lessons) – REGISTRATION CLOSED


In this course, we will select and prepare a monologue for an audition. We will read the play and discuss the character to help the performer fully empathize with and embody their character. Each lesson will start with a warm up to get the voice and body ready to perform. The goal is for performer to be ready to audition with the selected and prepared piece by the end of the four week period.


We will address questions like:

 -“How do I pick a monologue?”

 -“What is a ‘slate?’”

 -“How do I cut a monologue?”

 -“Where do I look while auditioning?”


Group classes will receive the benefits of peer-reviewing with their fellow actors. Though they will get less one-on-one discussion of their characters, they will get the added benefit of putting their audition on its feet in front of other people.


Private lessons will have the option of working on two contrasting monologues or a monologue and a song. Contact the instructor to set up lesson times.


Private lessons available


Now Enrolling!


CHILDREN AND ADULT– Beginner to Intermediate




Actor • Singer • Citizen Artist

Kat McKenna is a San Antonio native with a BFA in Musical Theatre from Auburn University. Performance has been her calling since the age of five when she began to act on stage. She has a background in theatre education and a formal training in acting, singing, improvisation, movement, voice technique, devised theatre, stage combat,  writing, directing, and script analysis. Recently, she started to dip her toes in the visual art world with an intensive study of acrylic pouring. Whether it’s putting on a show or applying paint to canvas, Kat is a “firm believer in the power of creativity, self-awareness, and confidence.”



Highlights from 2017 Summer Musical Theatre camp. Cast learned how to prepare for a monologue, studied samples

of 50's musicals, experienced vocal warm ups, script study, choreographed dance and song.

"Shake Rattle and Rock”, written and directed by Delani Chambers, stage direction and vocal coach Christian Toler

was performed at the end of the session before an audience of family and friends.

PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED. We accept cash, checks and credit cards. *REGISTER: Annual Membership is required in order to sign up for classes. The fee is  $45 per family. This fee is non-refundable and only paid once per year, no matter how many family members or how many classes you take with us.




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